Sawmill Waste Collection

Sawmill residue and waste can be a troublesome material to deal with if you don’t have the appropriate tools to dispose of it. At P.H. Winterton and Son, if you require sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire then we have the perfect facilities and solutions to make the most out of your leftover sawmill… We believe that all waste should be used and not wasted, therefore once we have collected the residue from your premises, if the quality is to a high standard we will then use it for our own services such as animal bedding production and biomass fuel! So not only will you reduce waste, but you will also be helping the environment!

The Process of Sawmill Waste Collection in Staffordshire

Since we are a family run business who care a great deal about the environment, our aim is to help the sawmill waste industry to keep environments tidy, clean, and free from pollution… Unlike most sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire, we use our unique services and highly reliable machines to create the highest-quality animal bedding and biomass fuel supplies. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large amount of softwood waste, our dedicated team can handle the situation perfectly using our skips, filter sheets, and air systems for the most professional sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire! Below highlights the type of equipment we would use, based on your type of industry and waste size:

  • We operate a fleet of 30 ft to 45 ft articulated trailers fitted with return air systems and filter sheets.
  • For smaller joinery outfits we offer 20 ft hook-lift filter skips which are collected regularly.
  • We also offer 20 ft open-top waste skips for off-cuts, wood chips, pallets and general wood waste.
  • P.H Winterton can also collect from one pallet to 18 pallets depending on your location, call 01538 703876 to find out more.

Controlling the Amount of Sawmill Waste

If you work in joinery or a construction site, here are some essential tips to control the amount of sawdust produced –

• For joiners use an industrial ventilation system
• Keep tools and blades sharp as blunt tools will release more sawdust into the air
• Provide your staff with appropriate training to explain the dangers of wood dust exposure
• Wear respiratory protection when required
• Use protective clothing and gloves to reduce exposure to skin
• Always practice good personal hygiene, washing hands and face when tasks are completed and before eating and drinking.
• Bag or put your sawdust waste to one side ready for collection from P.H Winterton and Son.

Contact Us For More Information

If you would like more information about any of our services including collections or our vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Since we are known for our exceptional sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire, we can also collect from all areas in Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Hampshire, Gloucestershire (including Cheltenham), Northamptonshire and the Midlands up as far as Durham, Manchester, and Liverpool plus South Wales. Areas in Cornwall and Dover could also be reached depending on accessibility.

Sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire sawmill waste collection