Sawmill Waste Collection in Cheltenham

While Cheltenham is the home of the famous Cheltenham Festival, it is also one of the popular areas in the country for P.H Winterton’s sawmill waste collection service.

We are firm believers that not all leftover softwood should go to waste, which is why we can arrange with your joinery firm to collect your sawmill residue and waste and repurpose it.

If the quality of the waste is high, our team of specialists will use it to create products such as equine bedding plus the renewable energy source, biomass fuel.

Biomass fuel is organic materials such as wood and animal waste that is used to produce a renewable heating source for industrial heating and electricity.

The Process of Collecting Sawmill Waste

P.H Winterton is a family-run business who have been operating for over 60 years, with one of our constant aims to help ensure the sawmill waste industry is tidy, clean and free from pollution.

It does not matter what amount of softwood waste you have, as it will fit perfectly into our skips which use filter sheets and air systems to keep the material in great shape.

Here is a brief overview of the equipment we use for sawmill waste collections –

  • P.H Winterton operate a fleet of 30 ft to 45 ft articulated trailers which, as already mentioned are equipped with return air systems and filter sheets
  • A 20 ft hook-lift filter skip is offered for smaller joinery firms, with regular collections scheduled
  • 20 ft open-top waste skips are also offered for off-cuts, wood chips, pallets and general wood waste
  • We also now collect between one and 18 pallets depending on your location (Call us on 01538 703876 to find out more).

The Leading Sawmill Waste Collection in Cheltenham

If you are looking for the best sawmill waste collection in Cheltenham, get in touch with P.H Winterton today.

We have decades of experience helping numerous sawmill sites and businesses with their waste and we are always looking to do more.