Sawmill Waste Collection in Bristol

If you have sawmill residue that needs removing, look no further than P.H Winterton and Son‘s sawmill waste collection service. Regardless of the size of your sawmill, our waste collection fleet will safely and efficiently remove and store the softwood residue in our specialist vehicles and machinery.

Our fleet includes 30 and 45 feet articulated trailers that are equipped with high-end air systems and filter sheets to make sure the quality of the softwood remains intact. We operate up and down the UK with our service being extremely popular in Bristol plus areas such as Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.

How Does Your Collection Service Work?

Our sawmill waste collection service will take your sawdust waste and offcuts from your sawmill and use it for items such as animal bedding plus biomass fuel (which we will explain soon). We are firm believers in helping our environment by using recyclable materials such as softwood for other purposes.

P.H Winterton has been the leading provider of bedding for small pets, horses plus poultry for over 60 years and this is all thanks to our collections of sawmill waste.

Using Sawmill Waste for Biomass Fuel

Softwood residue from sawmill waste collections can be burnt in a boiler for industrial heating and electricity creating biomass fuel; making it a renewable energy source.

P.H Winterton is proud to be part of the UK government’s Biomass Fuel Supplier List, which means customers will be able to find us as a supplier of biomass fuel. The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) was introduced in April 2014 by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), formerly the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The Leading Sawmill Waste Collection in Bristol

If you are looking for a reliable sawmill waste collection in Bristol, get in touch with P.H Winterton and Son today.

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