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Effective Biomass Fuel in Cheshire

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The need for biomass fuel in Cheshire is growing rapidly due to the huge amount of benefits that the commercial, domestic, and industrial industries can gain from using this exceptional organic material. To make sure that we supply only the best biomass fuel, we only use grade A wood residue from the joinery industry which has been carefully selected to ensure that all batches contain no harmful chemicals. By choosing P.H. Winterton & Sons, you can be sure to get a quality biomass fuel that ticks all the boxes in terms of price, effectiveness, efficiency, and eco-friendly properties. Interesting Facts About Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire There are many great reasons for choosing to use our biomass fuel in Cheshire… Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint and maintaining a healthy environment, you will also be generating heat and power for your property in the most effective way possible – feel the benefits of a fast supply of energy and the amount of money you could save in just one year! To heat a property using electricity alone, it takes an astonishing 11,800 of total CO2 emissions! Using our fantastic biomass fuel in Cheshire, it takes only 380 (which is 100% better than hard coal or oil). To make our biomass fuel even more impressive, the government may even give you a financial incentive for generating your own power using the RHI value (renewable heat incentive) – this shows the amount of money you could save and the beneficial elements for the environment. Interested in Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire? Do you want to experience the rewards of having our biomass fuel in Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, or Staffordshire? Get the wheels in motion by simply giving us a call and our expert team will give you more advice about how switching to biomass fuel could help you. If animal bedding interests you, we offer a range of options including our well-loved cubicle and equine...

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Our Biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Our Biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire

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If you’re new to biomass fuel, finding the most efficient biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire can be a tricky process. You want to find something that’s going to protect the environment whilst saving you money and generating energy – our biomass fuel can give you all this and more! Here at P.H. Winterton & Sons, we have years of experience in the biomass fuel industry and our supply is rapidly growing day by day. Feel at ease knowing that you’re getting a quality product using first class organic materials – allowing you to get the best results. The Most Effective Biomass Fuel in Nottinghamshire Are you wondering what biomass fuel is? Put simply, it’s a renewable organic product that can be used to generate heat and power in a natural way. This kind of process is great for maintaining the health of our environment as it helps to keep the air clear from harmful emissions – this in turn will mean that your carbon footprint will be reduced! We love being a part of the animal industry, and animal waste or wood residue from the joinery industry is the perfect component to use for our biomass fuel! We only use grade A wood that which is pure and clean so that you can rest assured that you remain safe from dangerous contaminants or emissions – our dedication to quality control makes our biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire ideal for the agricultural sector, domestic and commercial. Want to Know More About Our Biomass Fuel in Nottinghamshire? There is simply no better way to become more efficient than with our supply of biomass fuel in Nottinghamshire – we guarantee you will love the benefits! If you would like to speak to our team to find out more about how we source our biomass fuel or how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re based outside of Nottinghamshire, then do not worry – we can also supply to Cheshire, Staffordshire, and surrounding...

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