The Best Equine Bedding Conditions

The Best Equine Bedding Conditions

By on Oct 17, 2022 in Blog |

When it comes to bedding for your horses, you will want to ensure they have the very best sleeping conditions possible. Your horse’s rest and recuperation is essential in helping them to fulfil their required daily activities. This is perhaps why so many horse owners opt for our very own brilliant wood shavings as their primary horse bedding option. 

While bedding is undoubtedly a key factor in ensuring your horse has high quality sleeping conditions, there are also other touches you can implement. On average, your horse spends 12-15 hours a day in their stable, a significant portion of which they spend lying down, so ensuring they are in the best conditions possible is extremely important. 

At P.H.Winterton, your trusted supplier of equine bedding from Staffordshire, we pride ourselves on supplying you with appropriate and useful information. As a direct result of this, you can use the information to ensure your horse has the best sleeping conditions. 

Clean and Dry Bedding  

In our previous blogs, we have frequently detailed the importance of ensuring animal bedding is clean, dry and comfortable. While this seems quite obvious, it must be said nonetheless. 

If your horse senses that the bedding is wet, they will not lie down and go to sleep on it. Furthermore, if the bedding is unclean, not only will your horses be less likely to lay down, it can also open the door to potential infections or the accumulation of other harmful bacteria.  

Wet and dirty bedding is a literal hotbed for germs and viruses. If your horse does happen to acquire a virus, this can be problematic to say the least. As such, you should do everything in your power to ensure this never occurs in the first place. 

Efficient Coverage 

If you are using our high quality shavings for your equine bedding, you will want to ensure that there is enough of the shavings all over the stable area. Industry experts advise that you need a covering of at least 15 to 20 cm, or 6 to 8 inches, in order to properly cover the stable floor. 

Efficient coverage is essential when it comes to your horse’s comfort and enjoyment. It is highly recommended to not have free space on your stable floors, so ensuring that the previously mentioned depth is achieved all over your stable is of paramount importance. 

Appropriate Lighting 

Surprisingly, one of the biggest hindrances to horse’s being able to sleep is inappropriate lighting. This is all the more astonishing when you consider how easy the issue is to correct. 

One way to correct this issue is by establishing a set time for them to sleep. For example, if you decide that 9 pm is an appropriate time for your horse’s to sleep, then you should dim or turn the lights off at this time every night. By doing this, you also encourage a regular sleeping pattern for your horses to maintain.

Ensure You Have The Perfect Size Stable

While this technique falls more in the pre-planning stage when it comes to constructing your equine bedding, it is no less important. Your horse will struggle to relax and sleep if their stall is not an appropriate size. 

If the stall is too small, this can lead to your horse exhibiting some uncharacteristic and problematic behaviours. These behaviours can include pacing, cribbing as well as potentially dangerous stall kicking.  

Similarly, if the stall is too big, you will require significantly more bedding than needed. In turn, this can lead to a large amount of shavings being considered redundant. If this happens, it can result in an unnecessary expenditure. 

High Quality Equine Bedding Supplier

At P.H.Winterton, we are a highly regarded supplier of equine bedding from Staffordshire. So if you are interested in ensuring your horses have the best bedding conditions possible, please contact us today.