What’s The Best Bedding For My Horse?

What’s The Best Bedding For My Horse?

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Everyone loves to relax, sleep and dream in comfort and so does your horse!

At P.H. Winterton & Sons, we are a family business delivering premium quality equine bedding to our customers for their equine friends. If you’re looking for new bedding, this article is for you. Let’s go through the best types of bedding we offer..

Cheshire Choice 

Our high-quality Cheshire Choice equine bedding is made to give excellent results. Did you know this is one of the only horse beddings in Staffordshire that is made from 100% soft wood shavings? Allowing extreme comfort for your horse, while at the same time lasting longer than traditional shavings. Their high absorption levels means you save more new bedding when mucking out the stables. 

This unique bedding has a temperature adjusting ability, keeping your horses warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Perfect to use all year round! We keep you and your horse’s health in mind so our bedding is free from chemicals and dust to prevent allergies, illness and respiratory problems.


Our Economy-Bale equine bedding is our more affordable and economical bedding choice that still provides premium quality results. This is one of the most affordable equine bedding in Staffordshire and is also double dust extracted which means shavings won’t cause unwanted respiratory problems for you or your horses. The shavings are a mixture of both hardwood and softwood, so it’s easy to muck out your stable, they can also be used in combination with rubber mats. 

Zebra Fibre 

Our newest addition to the range, our Zebra Fibre animal bedding can be used for both the agricultural and equine industries. It provides comfort, superb absorption levels, and leaves minimal wastage while mucking out. Switching your bedding to Zebra Fibre means happy animals all around!

Equine Bedding at P.H. Winterton & Sons 

We can proudly say that choosing our equine bedding will be the best decision you make for a boost of comfort and happiness for your horses. If your horses are happy, we are certainly happy! For more information on any of our ranges, please get in touch today.