Encouraging Your Chickens To Use Their Poultry Bedding

Encouraging Your Chickens To Use Their Poultry Bedding

By on Sep 13, 2022 in Blog |

At P.H.Winterton, we provide high quality soft-dust and economy bale wood shavings which are used for our premium poultry bedding. If you have chickens and you use our high quality bedding, you understand that premium shavings are by far the best choice of beddings for your chickens when it comes to comfort and practicality. 

This being said, sometimes chickens are seemingly unaware of the apparent comfort awaiting in their nest box. As such, you might need to use certain techniques to encourage your chickens to take to their clearly beneficial bedding

Being a quality purveyor of poultry bedding in Staffordshire, we understand a few different techniques to encourage your chickens to take to their bedding. 

Add Fake Eggs To The Nest

We start with potentially the most unusual technique, and that is by adding an egg to the nest. Eggs already in the nest encourage your chickens by showcasing that the bed is comfy and accepting as there has already been a chicken laying an egg there.

Some people find that using a golf ball or another similarly sized oval shaped object works well enough at fooling your chicken into thinking there is an egg in the nest already. However, some people find that only a more life-like egg will be serviceable. Ceramic fake eggs can be purchased and used for this exact purpose. 

Just be sure to label your fake eggs as you do not get your fake and real ones confused. 

Block Your Chickens From Laying Eggs Outside of The Nest

If adding fake eggs to the nest does not work for you, you might decide to adopt a more forward approach. 

Your chickens might start to use certain places to lay their eggs and subsequently use that place as their bedding. For example, they might have identified a certain shrub or bush they have taken a liking to. It will then become paramount to block access to this area. 

If you remove access to this area, they will have no other option than to use the previously laid out bedding. 

Regular Clean The Bedding

At P.H Winterton, we enjoy singing the praises of appropriate and sufficient bedding cleaning. The best comparison we could possibly make is if your bedding was not clean and appropriate, would you want to stay in it. 

Similarly, you should clean your chicken bedding regularly and effectively. If the bedding is clean and tidy, it will automatically encourage your chickens to take to their bedding. 

Ensure There is Enough Space

Comfort should be at the forefront of everything you do for your chickens and their bedding arrangements. Afterall,  how can you expect them to feel comfortable if they do not have adequate space available? 

Locate the Bedding in a Cool and Dark Location

Similar to humans, chickens prefer to rest and sleep in cool and dark locations. To further entice you chickens to take to their poultry bedding, you might want to consider locating their bedding in a cool and darker location. By doing so, you encourage them to take their much needed rest and recuperation. 

Sawmill Waste Collection 

After your chickens have successfully taken to their poultry bedding, you might be left with access shavings that you need to dispose of. If you do, you should try out a brilliant waste collection service. 

Our waste management service covers a variety of varied locations. So whether you require sawmill waste collection in Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Staffordshire or many more areas, please contact us.