7 Ways to Keep a Stabled Horse Happy

7 Ways to Keep a Stabled Horse Happy

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Some horses can find being stabled quite difficult, having evolved from travelling up to 100 miles a day and grazing on the go.

Here at P.H Winterton, we understand the importance of keeping your horse happy, which is why we provide only the finest equine bedding on the market.
For our latest post, we are going to share seven essential tips to help maintain your horse’s health and prepare them for your next big competition.

Essential Horse Care from P.H Winterton

Standing still for long periods goes against their natural instincts to keep moving so be wary that some horses can react to being confined for long periods.
Follow our 7 step guide below to maintain your horse’s happiness.

Exercise – As long as your horse has no physical problems, they will need as much exercise as possible. Try to plan ahead and schedule rides out regularly.
Other Turnout Options – Consider if they can be turned out in the yard area with some equine bedding and a companion (if possible).
Create a Turnout Area – Create a fenced area outside of your horse’s stable, giving them the option to wander in and out at their leisure which helps them feel less restricted.
Long Walks – Lead your horse out in-hand but prepare for them to be bouncy. We would recommend wearing a hard hat, sturdy footwear and gloves. Ideally, attach a lunge-line to their headcollar and inform someone where you were going. You could even consider making it a social trip and ask another horse owner to come along too.
Change of Environment – If you have a spare loose-box in the yard you could consider putting your horse in there for part of the day for a change of scenery.
Meet their Social Needs – If your horse is stabled for long periods of time, they need to be housed next to a friendly horse. Ideally, they should be able to touch and mutually groom each other. If you can’t stable your horse nearby to a friend, consider taking them over for a visit.
Entertain your Horse – Horses love to play so having a bit of playtime with toys helps to break up the day. Towels and staple-free cardboard boxes filled with treats make great toys for horses. Make sure you supervise your horse at all times and remove items if the game becomes too challenging. We would also recommend changing the items up each day, so they don’t get bored.

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