A Guide To Cubicle Bedding In Staffordshire This Summer

A Guide To Cubicle Bedding In Staffordshire This Summer

By on Jul 7, 2022 in Blog |

Cubicle bedding promises to see quite a lot of potential hazards and/or elemental exposure. From extreme heat to sudden drastic downpours; this Great British summer promises to be one of the most unpredictable and all encompassing summers on record. 

Whether your cubicle bedding is in Staffordshire, or all the way up in Scotland, the chances are you will have to take certain precautions to mitigate the effects of summer on your bedding and your cows. Subsequently, we have decided to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to prepare you, your animal bedding and cows for the summer. 

Avoid Overexertion In Afternoon 

Typically speaking, cows do not like to do much movement or exercise in extreme heat. Additionally, your cows will not want to eat when it is hot. Because of this, avoid providing food during the middle parts of the day, ideally during the hours of 11-3, and do not take them out for exercise during this time. 

Just because your cows do not want to exercise or do much movement during high temperatures does not mean you should not take them out for exercising. You should take them out during the morning and evenings still. Just be sure not to overexert your cows. 

Provide Shade At Every Opportunity 

Following on nicely from the previous point, when the sun is shining, the UV index might be strong. This might put your cows at risk of heat stroke if they are left exposed for a long period of time. 

As such, you should ensure your cows have shade where possible, especially in their cubicle bedding. To put it plainly, this drastically reduces the risk of heat stroke. 

Monitor Water Intake

Similar to humans, cows will want to remain hydrated in the summer. Dehydration can cause multiple health problems. This can affect their milk production and general health. Always ensuring clean water is readily available at all times. 

If your cows are not drinking enough water, try to encourage this as much as possible. On the other hand, ensure all of your cows are getting enough water, not one cow drinking it all. 

Don’t Forget About Rain

Just because it is the summer, you will do well to remember that there is always a possibility of a sudden downpour. This rings especially true in areas such as Staffordshire where there is always the possibility of rain, no matter the time of year.  Ensuring your cow housing is clean and dry is of paramount importance. 

If the bedding is wet your cows will not want to lie down in it and this opens the door to potentially nasty infections. 

Regulate Diet

While a balanced and all encompassing diet is important for your cows year round, it is of even more importance during the summer months. In higher temperatures, cows can burn more calories making all the more important fibre and nutrition absolutely essential.  

If you require quality bedding materials to maximise your cow’s comfort, please contact us. We provide high quality animal bedding and of course, cubicle bedding in Staffordshire.