Understanding Biomass Fuel Boiler Maintenance

Understanding Biomass Fuel Boiler Maintenance

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If you are considering a biomass fuel boiler, you will probably know that it will need more maintenance than a regular gas boiler.

A gas boiler needs to be assessed by an engineer every year, but a biomass boiler needs more regular care. Although most of the tasks are pretty straight forward, it is worth considering before committing to the extra time and effort.

P.H Winterton and Son are of the Government-approved biomass suppliers, with our wood pellets used by customers all over the country. For this blog, we will talk you through the maintenance of biomass boilers.

Attention to Detail Needed for Biomass Fuel Boilers

The amount of attention needed for your boiler will ultimately depend on the model and type of fuel you use. Wood logs, chips and pellets all burn differently and create varying amounts of waste. Some high-end biomass boilers have extra features which mean that they can look after themselves (to an extent).

To keep the system running efficiently and to make sure you have a decent return on investment, it is crucial to provide sufficient maintenance. Here are some points to consider –

Daily – A visual inspection and cleaning of any components where needed
Weekly – Check the ash level and empty if needed and check gear motors for oil leaks
Monthly – Scrape the combustion chamber, removing any bad ash and checking the grate
Every 3 Months – Wipe the flue gas sensor and clean the lambda probe and check the grate
Every 6 Months – Check and clean the flue gas return, inspect the operational drives, check the motors, clean the heat exchangers and clean the combustion chamber
Annually – This check will usually be carried out by your installer. Tasks include multiple checks plus cleaning the flue and greasing the bearings

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