Can Biomass Fuel Boilers Be Used on their Own?

Can Biomass Fuel Boilers Be Used on their Own?

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It is completely up to you how you implement any heating system (such as a biomass fuel boiler) in your home or business, but there are particular integrated systems that help to get the best out of them.

Biomass boilers are one of the best renewable heating systems and are able to provide a reliable heating source all year round. It is important to clarify the uses of this system with regards to your heat demands.

For our latest post, P.H Winterton will compare the different biomass fuel heating systems.

Comparing Biomass Fuel Heating Systems

Part of Integrated/Hybrid Heating System – A great way to guarantee powerful heating, is to implement an integrated or hybrid heating system. This allows for the use of a traditional boiler alongside a renewable source which creates a synergy for the best heating possible. The traditional heating acts as a backup if the renewable heating source is underperforming, meaning you can switch between them for optimal warmth. Biomass boilers are not frequently used this way, but if it is possible in the property it could be an option.

Using with Another Renewable Heating System – This a great way to be fossil fuel-free, with a boiler working with a system such as an air-source heat pump to have fully renewable heating sources around your home. This dual system will make use of both sources, switching between whichever is most useful.

Standalone Heating System – One big advantage of biomass boilers is that they are incredibly useful on their own, creating enough heat all year round without any real drop off during winter. When compared to other renewable heating systems this is crucial. It is possible that in many cases to completely replace the conventional system already in place and use this replacement and still have sufficient heating. You will also be lowering your environmental impact and can earn money back through the Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI).

It is hard to argue against biomass boilers, as they are arguably the best renewable heating system of recent years. There are plenty of benefits such as carbon neutral heating and cheaper running costs when compared to standard boilers. If you are thinking about making the switch to renewable heating, then a biomass boiler is your best option.

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