How Biomass Fuel Impacts the Environment

How Biomass Fuel Impacts the Environment

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Recent research from specialists Enviva has shown how the use of biomass fuel and wood pellet electricity will impact on the environment.

The study helped to explain the carbon impact of wood pellet energy plus its sustainability.

As part of the research, it was revealed the greenhouse gas impacts of wood pellets plus their emissions from the wood pellet supply chain. They also compared the performance of electricity generated using wood pellets against other fuels such as coal and natural gas.

For this blog, P.H Winterton is going to look at the Enviva report in greater detail and explain the many reasons to use biomass fuel.

Why Biomass Fuel Is More Important Than Ever

For steady-state working forests, you will get the same net climate impact result, no matter the sort of assumptions used for carbon accounting.

Crediting biogenic carbon uptake before combustion will present the same result for working forests plus the carbon-debt accounting approach. This is assigned at the time of combustion and will be repaid as the forest regrows.

Renewable, baseload bioenergy enables the renewable electric grid.

The carbon benefits of good biomass fuel are clear. The report explains that wood sourced sustainably is a by-product traditional timber harvest where the land returns to forested use.

Biomass is essentially a natural storage vessel for energy from the sun with trees from working forests continuously recycling carbon from the atmosphere to trees and back.

In contrast, fossil fuels represent a one-way trip for carbon from geologic storage to the atmosphere. As long as the requirements for quality biomass are met, greenhouse gas emission can be mitigated by substituting bioenergy for fossil fuels.

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