Can shavings be used for horse bedding?

Can shavings be used for horse bedding?

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In a nutshell, yes, shavings can be used to create high-quality horse bedding.

Through P.H Winterton’s sawmill waste collection we gather surplus wood from sawmills all around the country and create both equine bedding and wood chip pellets that can be used for biomass fuel boilers.

For this blog, we will focus on why shavings are one of the best materials you can use to keep your horses comfortable.

What are the criteria for good horse bedding?

There are a number of criteria for what makes good bedding for horses, such as –

  • Is it safe for horses? – Our sawdust bedding is extremely safe for horses
  • Is it available in plentiful supply? – We supply different bales of bedding, with up to 48 packs able to fit onto a wooden pallet
  • Is it absorbent? – P.H Winterton boasts three different types of equine bedding, all with excellent absorbency qualities
  • How easy is it to store? – We give you the freedom of how much you purchase in one go, making it easy to store small or larger quantities at a time
  • Is it cost-effective? – Our economy bale equine bedding is perfect for horse owners who are working on a budget but still need the best bedding

Many horse owners think they need to bed their stalls as they would their own bed – soft and fluffy. But horses by nature do not need a soft, fluffy bed unless there are particular concerns which could include older horses needing to lie down frequently or stay down for longer periods of time. The main purpose of bedding is to absorb urine and moisture.

Why should I choose shavings?

Nothing quite looks and smells like a fresh stall of shavings.

Our bedding keeps your animal and healthy, which is proven to help you to maintain a high standard production in the long run.

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