Cattle Care and Cubicle Bedding in Cheshire

Cattle Care and Cubicle Bedding in Cheshire

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Cubicle bedding in Cheshire from PH Winterton and Son should form part of your plan to keep your cattle safe and healthy.
Providing a comfortable place with our range of cubicle bedding will help your cows produce their best milk. Remember if your cattle become ill, injured or distressed the quality of their milk will plummet.

One of the most common diseases in cows is mastitis which affects the udder. The best way to prevent this sort of infection is clean bedding; especially during milking and right after. Our soft dust cubicle bedding is designed to prevent abrasions of the udder and legs.
We’d also recommend a closer clean of the teats to help disinfect them.

Diet Tips and Cubicle Bedding in Cheshire

Your cows require a well-balanced diet as they need a lot of energy to make delicious and nutritious milk. Ensuring your cows feed all year round, here are some options to add to their menu –

  • Dry feed which is usually cut and rolled into hay bales
  • Wet feed (also known as silage) is a mixture of alfalfa, barley and oats – these feeds are usually mixed with dry hay to create what farmers call a ‘ration’
  • Grains such as wheat, barley and oats provide cows with carbohydrates
  • We would recommend adding vitamins and minerals into their feeds
  • Salt may seem like a surprising addition to this list, but it serves as electrolytes giving your cows calcium and Vitamin D, which help to promote muscle development and blood flow as well as maintaining digestion
  • They also require a significant amount of water to produce milk properly

With a balanced diet and a cosy place to sleep your cows will the produce excellent dairy.

Cubicle Bedding in Cheshire – Take Your Pick!

P.H Winterton provides two types of cubicle bedding that will guarantee healthy and happy cows.
As previously mentioned, our soft dust cubicle bedding guarantees a comfortable and hygienic environment for your cattle. This cost-effective solution is also thermally insulated with excellent traction.
Agri dust cubicle bedding has become one of the most popular brands of bedding in the UK due to its high quality and consistency. Easily spreadable and simple to clean out, this product is an investment in your cows that will reduce your workload significantly.

Champions of Cubicle Bedding in Cheshire

Here at P.H Winterton and Son, we can provide the finest cubicle bedding in Cheshire and other areas such as Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
As a family run business, we take a personable approach to all of our customers to make sure you get the best products for your needs.
If you have any questions about our products, please contact us now and we can help you.