Charge to Victory with Horse Shavings from P.H Winterton and Son

Charge to Victory with Horse Shavings from P.H Winterton and Son

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Horse shavings from P.H Winterton and Son, are the all season solution to get your horses ready for the high profile events such as the Cheltenham Festival.
One of the highlights of the horse racing calendar, the Cheltenham Festival is a four-day extravaganza with the finest calibre of horses, jockeys and owners culminating in the Gold Cup day where legends are made.
Equine bedding provided by P.H Winterton and Son will give your horses a healthy environment to relax whilst preparing for race day.

Horse Shavings Help Keep Limbs Healthy

Equine bedding using our 100% softwood shavings is one of the best ways to keep your horse’s limbs healthy and ready for regular competitive action.
Here are some other tips to keep your horses fitting fit –

  • Letting your horse stretch its neck and relax their body after work will allow lactic acid to be released from its muscles, which reduces the risk of post-workout injury
  • Studies have shown cold water rather than ice is better for your horse’s legs after activities such as galloping, jumping or on a very hot day
  • Feel your horse’s legs every day so that you can become familiar with what’s normal for them, plus it makes it easier to identify signs of heat, swelling and tenderness and they can be addressed immediately
  • Weighing your horse on a monthly basis will help you find out your horse’s best weight for competitions and if you have to look at dieting

Dedicated Providers of Horse Shavings

P.H Winterton and Son have been providing the finest horse shavings and equine bedding for 60 years, becoming one of the leaders in animal bedding for the agricultural industry.
With a large fleet of reliable vehicles we can provide large orders of shavings and equine bedding for areas right around the Midlands and beyond including Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Cheshire.
Get your horses ready for their next competition by getting in touch with our friendly team to order your horse shavings today.