Comparing the Different Types of Equine Bedding

Comparing the Different Types of Equine Bedding

By on Jan 17, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

We all love getting our 40 winks, and our horses are no different.

If you really care about your horses, investing in the best equine bedding is a no brainer.

There is a variety of different horse beddings on the market from traditional favourites such as shavings and straw to alternatives such as cardboard and hemp.
For our latest blog, we are going to discuss the different choices, and which would be best for you and your horses.

Four Different Choices of Equine Bedding

Straw – Straw is one of the cheapest options but it is bulky and can smell, with your yard quickly resembling a compost heap. Straw also harbours fungus which can be dangerous for your horse’s respiratory system plus your horse might also eat their own bed.
Shavings – Shavings are now the most commonly used horse bedding. Here at P.H Winterton, we offer three types of bedding, which can match your budget and quality requirements.
Our Cheshire Choice bedding is our premium brand that is extremely durable with superb absorbency qualities. Economy Bale bedding is our budget range that is a mix of hardwood and softwood which makes it easy to cleanout.
Zebra Fibre bedding is the recent addition to our catalogue, which is available in 48-60 bales per pallet and all-weather storage bags.
Paper and Cardboard – Usually sold in compacted bales. When it’s time to clear the paper from your yards it is heavy to lift when wet though.
Hemp – Hemp is a quite expensive material for bedding and is designed for use as a thick bed which isn’t intended to be disturbed at any time.

Based on this evidence we would definitely recommend using shavings as your equine bedding solution.

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