How Tier 3 Restrictions Affect Horse Riders

How Tier 3 Restrictions Affect Horse Riders

By on Oct 14, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

With a number of areas across the country being placed in Tier 3 COVID-19 constrictions, it is crucial to know what horse riders can and cannot do.

The three-tier system, which came into effect on Wednesday 13th October has different restrictions in each case.

As the leading provider of equine bedding, P.H Winterton and Son understand the importance of adhering to these new regulations whilst also keeping your horse fit and healthy.

The Latest COVID-19 Equestrian Advice Explained

The most recent British Equestrian advice still applies and riders with specific queries about their area will need to check the advice from their local authority.

Governing bodies have also issue particular guidance for members, for example, British Showjumping has reminded members that it is their personal responsibility to stick to the rules for their locality plus following the sport protocols if attending shows.

British Eventing has stated,

“All members should consider any restrictions in their own area before travelling to an event. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure they are complying with the requirements.”

They have also encouraged, as a priority, to ballot out members who would now not be able to compete.

British Dressage (BE) has confirmed that thanks to the COVID-19 secure protocols and procedures in place, organised British Dressage can continue ‘in all areas’ provided that all COVID rules are adhered to. This includes the ‘rule of six’, social distancing and hygiene measures.

BE have updated its sport resumption protocols to add that all persons on the event site need to check lockdown, rules and COVID restrictions in their area plus additions to protocols already put in place for their events.

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