Do You Require A Sawmill Waste Collection in Staffordshire?

Do You Require A Sawmill Waste Collection in Staffordshire?

By on Jul 29, 2022 in Blog, Sawmill Waste Collection |

At P.H. Winterton, we provide many high quality services. These include providing premium sawdust, shavings and other quality forms of animal bedding. 

To accompany the fact that we take the greatest pride in supplying quality animal bedding so that your animal remains safe, comfortable and healthy; we care about what happens after you have finished using your animal’s bedding. 

Sawmill waste and residue disposal can be quite a troublesome task. Especially if you want to make sure you are disposing of the material in a quick, effective and efficient manner. If you have been in this position, by this we mean, have you have access sawmill waste that required disposing of; luckily, we have just the solution for you. 

We provide an all encompassing sawmill waste collection from Staffordshire. It is not just Staffordshire we supply this service to however. We provide sawmill waste collection to Liverpool, Manchester, Nottinghamshire and many more. 

So, let’s touch on why you should take advantage of our unique collection service. 

We Only Use High Quality Waste

You might have heard the old adage; ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ And we must echo this sentiment. 

There seems to be a common misconception that because something is old and has been used by someone else, it therefore has no worth or is of less quality.  However, at P.H.Winterton we only accept sawmill waste that is of high quality. 

Our Collection Has Multiple Uses

If the sawmill waste passes our thorough and all encompassing evaluation, then it can be repurposed for multiple scenarios. While we have quickly touched upon how the waste is reused for other forms of animal bedding, the sawmill waste can also be used for biomass fuel. 

Biomass fuel also happens to be one of the many quality services we offer here at P.H. Winterton.

It Helps The Environment 

In 2022, there seems to be a general push to become more environmentally friendly. And at P.H.Winterton we concur. The fact that the waste is recycled and reused is one fantastically easy way to be more environmentally friendly. 

So, why don’t you consider taking advantage of our sawmill waste collection today. 

The Collection Process

Now that we have established why you should take advantage of our sawmill waste collection from Staffordshire, let’s detail the actual process. 

Although we are a small family run business, our operation is surprisingly more grand than would first appear. No matter your waste needs, whether you have a large amount of softwood or only a small amount, we can come collect it. We have a plethora of skips, filter sheets and air systems we can use to help collect your waste. 

In our sawmill collection service, we operate an impressive fleet of 30 to 45 foot  articulated trailers fitted with return air systems and filter sheets. 

For smaller joinery outfits, we offer 20 foot lift filter skips which are collected on a regular basis. 

In addition to this, we also offer a 20 foot open top waste skip for off-cuts, general wood waste, pallets and wood chips. 

When on of our team enact the collection process, they are welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. If you are unsure of anything or have any general questions, they will be happy to help. 

Want To Control Your Sawmill Waste

If you work at a construction site or joinery and find yourself producing an absurd amount of softwood waste, you might struggle to keep it under control before one of our team comes to collect it. If this is the case, we do have some top tips to help you control your sawmill waste and look after yourself and your team members before we come to collect it.

  • Joiners should use a industrial standard ventilation system
  • Always practise good personal hygiene (if this did not go without saying), this includes washing hands and face where applicable. 
  • Use protective clothing to protect your skin
  • Use respiratory protection as and when required
  • Keep tools sharp. Blunt instruments will be to your detriment and actually produce even more sawmill waste
  • Most importantly, bag up sawmill waste and wait for P.H.Winterton to come collect. 

Do You Require Waste Collection? 

If you require our sawmill collection service in Staffordshire or surrounding areas, please get in contact with us. We will be more than happy to help. 

We also supply premium quality animal bedding, including sawdust and shavings for a a variety of different animal bed types.