Do You Require Poultry Bedding In Staffordshire?

Do You Require Poultry Bedding In Staffordshire?

By on May 30, 2022 in Blog |

Poultry bedding, and even more specifically poultry bedding in Staffordshire, does not garner quite the same level of attention as cubicle and equine bedding does. Exactly why this is the case, largely remains unclear. Whether this is because horses and cows are more commonly kept on farms in much larger bedding or just because the aforementioned animal beddings require regular maintenance. It is largely unclear. 

All this being said; there is one thing for certain. That is that we offer high quality poultry bedding in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. It is commonly accepted that the most effective form of poultry bedding is shavings and as we have always stated, we supply shavings in Staffordshire and some surrounding areas. 

You might be asking the question; if I have chickens why should I choose this form of poultry bedding? Well, there are many reasons to do so and we will detail them for you. 

Health Benefits 

If you own chicken, the chances are you will want two things from their bedding. One being that your chickens finds the material comfy and cosy and the other being that bedding helps to keep your poultry happy. 

Some of the benefits of keeping chickens healthy include: helping to keep diseases away; increasing the capacity to produce eggs and improving general more mobility. 

Increase Scratching

When you hear the term chicken scratching, you might think the term sounds rather odd or maybe even aggressive. However, this process is completely natural and often encouraged. Scratching is simply the process that chickens enact when they are searching through their bedding for potential food. Quality, clean shavings encourages your chickens to enact this simple but effective process. 

Why In Staffordshire? 

There are many reasons you should consider poultry bedding in Staffordshire. One such reason is the remarkable number of farms across Staffordshire and the Midlands in general which cater and use chickens as livestock. 

Another reason could be that; Staffordshire on the whole sees quite significant rainfall throughout the year. This highlights the importance of having high quality and effective bedding and sheltering.

Do You Require Poultry Bedding in Staffordshire?

If you are a farm owner, or just a chicken owner in general, and you are based in Staffordshire; you might be in need of high quality poultry bedding. We supply premium quality shavings to all happy customers. So, please feel free to contact with us. 

Additionally, as alluded to in our previous blogs, we also supply other forms of animal bedding. These include but are not limited to; equine and cubicle bedding.