Dressage for Success with P.H Winterton and Son

Dressage for Success with P.H Winterton and Son

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Preparation is key to producing the best dressage performance by your horse in the upcoming calendar of events. Here at P.H Winterton and Son, we understand the care and attention needed to keep your horses healthy and competing at the highest level. This is why we only produce the finest equine bedding to keep your stables cosy and comfortable.

Showjumping Tips from P.H Winterton and Son

We work with plenty of showjumpers who compete in competitions right across the country, so if you’ve got a show on the horizon; take a read of our essential tips –

  • Know Your Horse – No two horses are the same so walk the course with each individual horse in mind.
  • Watch the Clock – Be conscious of the time allowed if it looks like it’s going to be a tight squeeze look for areas where you can save time e.g. angling a jump or turning inside a fence.
  • Know Your Starting Direction – The approach you take to the first fence will often set the pace for the rest of the course.
  • Employ Some Old Tricks – One of the oldest course builder tricks is to encourage horses to flatten. Make sure your horse is sitting on its hocks to give you the best chance of jumping clear.
  • Watch Similar Horses – If you get the opportunity to watch similar horses to yours you will get a good idea of how your horse will approach the course.

Your Choice of Equine Bedding

P.H Winterton and Son offer two types of high-quality equine bedding that will suit any customer’s budget.
Our Cheshire Choice bedding is made from 100% wood shavings giving your horses maximum comfort and excellent absorbency levels. With a unique temperature controlling feature, this type of animal bedding keeps warm in winter and cool in summer.

Economy bale is the alternative cost-effective bedding solution that is double dust extracted making the shavings hygienic.

Find out More About Animal Bedding from P.H Winterton and Son

With six decades of experience in the equine bedding industry, P.H Winterton and Son are the only suppliers who will get your horses jumping for success at your next show.
If you’d like to know more about any of our products, please contact us today.