Electric Sawmill Waste Collection in Leicestershire

Electric Sawmill Waste Collection in Leicestershire

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Sawmill waste collection in Leicestershire offered by P.H Winterton and Son is the eco-friendliest way to produce electricity.
We are firm believers in waste not being wasted, which is why we use sawmill waste to produce biomass fuel (which creates electricity) plus we can use it for comfortable bedding for various animals.

How Sawmill Waste Creates Biomass Fuel

Here is your basic guide to generating electricity through biomass fuel –

The most common way biomass fuel becomes electricity is through the combustion of wooded materials to heat water and produces steam which can spin turbines.
Another method of electricity production is using excess steam from biomass plants for on-site manufacturing processes or heating, which can boost your energy efficiency.
The wood used for biomass fuel can contain around 18 megajoules (MJ) per kilogram of energy when dried before use. To get a better idea of the equivalent, a kilogram of cut grass contains about 4 million joules (1 million joules = 1 megajoule), which is just slightly more than the kilowatt-hour used in the energy retail market.

The UK is fast moving towards the use of biomass fuels instead of fossil fuels such as coal.

Here are some of the biggest biomass projects going on at the moment –
• Drax Power Station (North Yorkshire) – The largest producer of carbon dioxide in the country has been converting its coal-fired boilers to use biomass fuel instead.
• Blackburn Meadows Cogeneration Plant (South Yorkshire) – Harnessing excess heat from combustion this facility provides heating to nearby business through the district heating system
• Templeborough Biomass Plant – Opened in August 2017 this plant provides energy for 78,000 homes which saves up to 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
• Kent Biomass Power Station – This station which opened in the summer of 2018, services 50,000 homes.
• Tees Renewable Energy Plant – Due to finish in 2020 and costing £650m this will be the largest biomass plant in the world, producing enough electricity for 600,00 homes.

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