How Equine Bedding Helps Horses During Winter

How Equine Bedding Helps Horses During Winter

By on Oct 10, 2021 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

The temperatures have started to drop and winter is truly on its way, but what does this mean for our horses?

As the leading provider of equine bedding across the country, PH Winterton understands the importance of keeping your horses healthy during the colder months of the year.

For our latest blog, we will share some essential winter care tips to help you get through without any issues.

Do daily routines change?

It is common practice to turn horses out all summer and then stabling them during the winter, which represents a substantial change in their diet and management. We would advise completing this gradually over 10-14 days to help prevent colic.

Start this change by bringing your horse in for a few hours a day with hay then slowly increase the amount of time to help avoid sudden disruptions to their routine i.e being out all the time to being based in a stable for a large chunk of the day.

With reduced daylight hours and poor weather, it can be challenging to maintain your horse’s fitness with some owners deciding to give horses a rest period at this time or riding less.

What are winter ailments for horses?

The winter months can increase the risk of your horse developing conditions such as mud fever and rain scald due to wet and muddy conditions.

Mud fever explained

Mud fever is usually caused by bacteria and can be common in winter when horses are exposed to persistent wet, muddy conditions. Wet conditions will cause the skin to soften and mud rubs against this softened skin which causes damage to the surface where bacteria can enter.

What is rain scald?

Rain scald is a non-contagious skin condition caused by the same bacteria as mud fever. Scabs form in places along the horse’s neck, back and hindquarters instead of the lower legs.

Why is high-quality equine bedding so important?

One of the most important parts of keeping your horses happy during winter, and any other time of the year, is giving them the best equine bedding to rest on. PH Winterton offers three different kinds of horse bedding to suit all customer requirements. These include our premium brand Cheshire Choice, our budget range Economy Bale and the latest addition to our portfolio – Zebra Fibre Bedding.

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