Equine Bedding: The Secret to Cheltenham Success?

Equine Bedding: The Secret to Cheltenham Success?

By on Mar 15, 2022 in Blog |

It is that time of the year again. From the 15th March 2022; the four day extravaganza formerly known as the Cheltenham race festival will begin. The hotly anticipated annual event culminates in the Cheltenham Gold Cup which is on the final day of the much beloved festival. 

Whilst many of us will be more concerned about whether or not our chosen horse wins; there will be a few of us closely analysing one of the secret components to race day success, that of course being comfy and stable equine bedding and quality sawdust shavings. 

Last year, we covered how the Cheltenham festival would be different in many ways. But you will be happy to know that the festival will be returning to a much more traditional format in this year’s edition. 

While there have been various changes to the format, one feature that has never changed is the fact that equine bedding remains one of the most effective ways to ensure victory at this year’s Cheltenham festival. 

Maximising Sporting Performance 

When it comes to any sport, rest and recuperation is of paramount importance when it comes to maximising overall sporting performance. As we have previously alluded to; having quality bedding can be the easiest and arguably the most effective way to accomplish this. 

Studies have shown that horses require the REM phase of sleep to ensure high quality rest and therefore better sporting performance to enable race day victory. You might have already guessed that fresh clean horse bedding is the easiest way to help your horse get the recommended rest and recuperation. 

Accompanying the ever increasing need for quality rest; is the fact that the horse racing calendar is particularly gruelling and tiring. Jockeys and race horses undertake extremely long and high pressure races meaning it is even more important for your horse to rest. 

Horse Shavings in Staffordshire 

A key element of any quality horse bedding is, of course, horse shavings. At P.H. Winterton, we offer quality sawdust horse shavings in Staffordshire which become even more relevant during the Cheltenham race week. 

Many horse owners opt to have just rubber mats for their beloved horse to lie on. However, this can not only be to the detriment of your horse’s comfort but it can have negative health implications. It can lead to respiratory issues which can be attributed to poor air quality. This can be attributed to unclean or unkept bedding. 

Ensuring the bedding is dry and clean is extremely important as horses are known to not lie down on wet bedding. Rubber Mats usually hold water especially compared to sawdust and because of this; it makes this popular form of bedding arguably inferior. 

Do You Need Equine Require Bedding? 

At PH Winterton, we offer premium quality horse bedding in Staffordshire amongst many other services. 

We hope you enjoy the week’s proceedings in a safe and effective manner. If you have any questions about horse bedding; whether it is for race horses or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us