Five Benefits Of Switching to Biomass Fuel

Five Benefits Of Switching to Biomass Fuel

By on Jan 4, 2021 in Biomass fuel |

With sustainable fuels becoming more and more prevalent, it’s the perfect time to consider the benefits of using biomass fuel. Last week, we saw the government announce that algae, alcohol and household waste would power RAF fighter jets under the Ministry of Defence’s plan to slash carbon emissions. Along with the government’s plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030, it seems that alternative fuel sources are the future. Therefore, we thought that we would look at five benefits of biofuel in our latest blog post.

Less Greenhouse Gases

It’s the obvious one, we know. However, it’s also one of the most important reasons that people tend to switch. Even though biofuels still emit some greenhouse gases, it’s much less than your traditional fuels. In fact, thanks to photosynthesis, biomass fuels only release the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere as was absorbed by plants in the course of their life cycle. This means that it is considered as CO2 neutral. If there are less greenhouse gases in the air, then we could slow the effects of global warming.

Renewable Source of Energy

One of the most important factors surrounding biomass fuel is that it’s a renewable source. This means that we can replace it as we use it, leading to an endless supply. Farmers can dedicate land to growing crops that will be intended for use as biofuel. This is a much better alternative to draining the Earth of it’s oils and natural gases which are all non-renewable sources of energy.

More Cost Effective

A lot of this comes down to the process of sourcing and producing the fuel. For fossil fuels, sourcing them requires drills, gas pipelines and fuel collection. However, the machinery needed to produce biomass fuel is much less expensive. These overheads are naturally reflected in the price of the product.

Less Waste Polluting The Environment

By giving this waste another purpose, you’re preventing it from being dumped in a landfill somewhere. Littering and the usage of non-degradable materials is unfortunately rife. Therefore, where there is an opportunity to re-use other materials, we should definitely try to. By working with P.H. Winterton and Son to get sawmill waste collections, you’re helping to save the planet and produce a renewable fuel source.

Take Advantage of Government Schemes

With the government trying to persuade people to start using renewable sources, they have created a number of schemes to do this. If you were to invest in a biomass boiler, you could be eligible for their Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. If eligible, payments would be made to you for 7 years, based on the amount of renewable heat made by your heating system. More information can be found about this scheme on the government’s website.

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Here at P.H. Winterton and Son, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our effect on the environment. To read more about how we try to remain eco-friendly, you can find the measures that we take online. For more information about our biomass fuel, how we produce it and where to purchase it, read our guide online. There, you can find out more about its uses and how you could incorporate it into your life. Our other range of services include providing animal bedding and collecting sawmill waste. Supplying areas across the UK such as Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire, you can count on P.H. Winterton and Son.