Get the Finest Equine Bedding for Your First Horse

Get the Finest Equine Bedding for Your First Horse

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Buying your first horse is a big commitment for both your finances and time so making sure you get the best equine bedding is crucial.
P.H Winterton and Son offer two different types of horse bedding both with their own unique qualities.
Our Cheshire Choice horse bedding is made from 100% softwood shavings with excellent absorbency levels and that keeps your stables dry for longer.
Alternatively, Economy Bale horse bedding consists of double dust extracted wood shavings which protect your horse from respiratory issues and injuries such as abrasions.
In this post, we are going to look at some essential questions to ask the owner before buying your horse.

Questions to Ask about Your First Horse

As experienced providers of horse bedding from areas such as Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. We talk to plenty of stable owners who ask our team of specialists for tips to keep their horses happy.

Here are some questions you should be asking when buying a new horse –

  1. Ask if the horse has any ‘track record’? – If the horse doesn’t don’t be too alarmed as it may have the potential to race down the line if well trained.
  2. Contact Previous Owners – If the horses you are looking to buy has had multiple owners contact as many as possible to get a well-rounded idea of their history in case, they have any long term issues you aren’t aware of.
  3. Request the Horse’s Passport – It’s illegal for a horse to be sold without its passport so make sure you request it from the owner and check the description, age and other details match the horse

Welcome Your First Horse Home with Equine Bedding

Once you’ve decided on the perfect horse you will need to create a welcoming environment in your stables.
Spend some time with your horse getting to know the ground. Trust is a big thing for horses so building a bond early will help your relationship.
Creating a comfortable stable with top-notch equine bedding will keep your horse healthy, relaxed and ready to begin competition training in the future.

We keep large quantities of horse bedding at our site in Staffordshire meaning we can supply between one and 18 pallets; dependant on your needs. The British weather is unpredictable which is why we also offer outside storage covers to protect against adverse conditions.

Contact P.H Winterton and Son about Equine Bedding

P.H Winterton and Son are celebrating 60 years of providing the finest bedding solutions for horses and other farm animals. If you’ve got any questions about our equine bedding, please contact us now.