Spotting Health Warnings from Horse Sleep Patterns

Spotting Health Warnings from Horse Sleep Patterns

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As the leading provider of equine bedding across the country, P.H Winterton understands the importance of your horses getting their 40 winks.

A recent study from Nottingham Trent University has looked into the sleep patterns of horses and how they could provide early warning signs of ill health.

We will explore this in greater detail during this blog below.

Horse Sleep Study Explained

This fascinating study identifies patterns of rest for horses plus reasons they require rest such as temperature, age, temperament and exercise. Monitoring night-time sleep, the researchers are looking to establish regular rest patterns for different types of the horse which allows owners to spot any early warning signs of something amiss.

Horses experience slow-wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, with the SWS phase of the cycle, only achieved standing up whereas they must lie down for REM sleep.

There is some evidence from this study that suggests horses unable to achieve REM sleep suffer from sleep deprivation. This could be due to injury or illness that makes lying down too painful or stress. Most horse owners are unable to monitor their horses’ sleep patterns throughout the night which means these changes can go unnoticed.

The study from Nottingham Trent University involves the analysis of videos that display healthy riding horses’ night-time behaviour with details recorded for each horse. Accelerometers were also employed to automatically record movement and remotely monitor the horses during the night.

How Equine Bedding Helps Horses Relax

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