High quality equine bedding guarantees a good night’s sleep

High quality equine bedding guarantees a good night’s sleep

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Equine bedding from P.H Winterton and Son provides comfort and warmth as well as increasing hygiene levels in stables; which will ultimately benefit the health and well-being of your horses.
You may not know that equine bedding can also be used for all other farm animals and pets.
Our weather proof packaging provides easy storage and keeps your shavings clean and dry during delivery in one of our fleet of vehicles.

Tips for maintaining your equine bedding

Here’s some tips from our expert team on how to get the best from your equine bedding and keep your animals happy.

  • For daily maintenance use a pitchfork to remove manure and damp areas of bedding
  • Remove the waste material by shaking the fork, which allows dry material to fall back to the floor
  • Your waste material can be decomposed to form garden fertiliser or compost
  • Because you are only getting rid of waste bedding, you can top up using less bedding, which will ultimately be more cost effective

P.H Winterton and Son offer variety of equine bedding

We offer two different types of equine bedding, making sure that you get the perfect fit for your horses and your budget.
Cheshire Choice Equine Bedding is our premium product which is made of 100% soft wood shavings with excellent absorbency levels, perfect for creating a dry and comfortable home for your horse.
Economy Bale Equine Bedding is the cost effective solution for equine bedding. The shavings are double dust extracted making them more hygienic and helping to prevent respiratory problems for your horse. Due to its popularity we also keep high stock values of economy bale bedding, so if you would like to order some at any time of year, we will always have it in stock.

Speak to your equine bedding experts

P.H Winterton and Son have been providing the best quality equine bedding for the agriculture industry for the past 60 years.
Get in touch with our friendly team today and we can recommend which set of equine bedding is the best fit for you.