Getting Your Horse Back Into Routine

Getting Your Horse Back Into Routine

By on Jul 17, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

If you are one of a number of riders that are looking to get their horses fit with competition (hopefully) on the horizon we have some tips to help. P.H Winterton and Son is the only choice for horse bedding, having served equestrian customers for many years, giving us unique knowledge about this sector.

We understand that upping your horse’s fitness comes with challenges but reading our latest post will help prepare you for this.

Relish the Return to Fitness

Bringing your horse back into competitive fitness work is an exciting prospect, which helps to provide some normalcy for you and your horses. A lot will depend on whether your horse is familiar with his back-to-work routine or he is more of a stranger to extended breaks.

Organising frequent visits from your saddler and physio is a vital part of bringing your horse back up to full fitness. As their physique starts to change you will need to keep a close on him to make sure his saddle fits and is not getting sore.

Starting with weeks of walk hacks and straight lines will have them raring to go and ready for action.

It is now time to starting working on the canter regime for your horse, but remember it will be difficult for him to remember all of that dressage training you had worked on months ago.

Whether it is hacking in straight lines and flatwork or a leg-yield, chances are you will need to start from scratch on a lot of these activities.

A gradual return to fitness is the best way to approach this, without making it too easy for your horse. You will need plenty of patience and a sense of humour to manage your equine buddies antics.

Get in Touch for More Advice

If you need any more advice about getting back into a routine, please contact P.H Winterton and Son. We provide three different ranges of horse bedding that will suit your budget and specific requirements.