Can I Ride My Horse During Lockdown?

Can I Ride My Horse During Lockdown?

By on Mar 25, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

With the latest Government advice for people to stay at home for an extended period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many horse riders have questioned whether they can still ride their horses whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Here at P.H Winterton, we understand the importance of maintaining the health of your horse during this difficult time, which is why we have put together this handy guide with regards to riding your horse.

Guidance from Governing Bodies

Whilst no official guidelines have been published by the Government regarding animal care, the British Equestrian Federation have stated the following –

“At present, there are no definitive guidelines or restrictions around caring for and riding horses, and we will share anything which becomes available from the Government via the British Horse Council.

“It is sensible to avoid any activities that carry an increased risk of injury, such as jumping, fast work and riding a young, fresh or spooky horse.

“If you must hack out, be mindful of other people walking, cycling and running, and keep 2 metres distance. Lungeing, in-hand work and turn-out are good alternatives to ridden exercise.”

Equine Bedding has Never Been More Important

During these unusual times, it is extremely important to ensure your horses have a comfortable home while their usual routines are disrupted.

Investing in high-quality equine bedding from P.H Winterton is the best way to ensure they have a good night’s sleep.

We offer three choices of equine bedding, designed to suit all requirements and budgets.

Our Cheshire Choice horse bedding is our premium range, whilst our Economy Bale is ideal for those riders with a stricter budget plus we recently added Zebra Fibre Bedding to our catalogue.

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