How High Quality Horse Bedding Deals with Allergies

How High Quality Horse Bedding Deals with Allergies

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Using the highest quality of horse bedding will help combat any allergies your horses may encounter.
P.H Winterton and Son are experts in equine bedding with products that balance affordability with a great service.
In our latest blog, we are going to look at the most common forms of equine allergies and how to identify them in your horse.

Identifying Equine Allergies

It doesn’t matter if your horse is a foal, adult or senior, equine allergies affect horses of any age primarily affecting the skin or their respiratory system.
Allergic reactions can be triggered by any of the following –

• Dust, mould and pollen
• Insect bites
• Rarely feed substances
• Products or chemicals applied or touched by your horse
• Vaccinations, drugs and plasma or transfusions

Some of the familiar signs of an allergic reaction include:

• Hair loss
• Regional or body-wide hives
• Laboured breathing such as coughing or an intolerance to exercise
• Swelling, redness, crusting and/or itching at the contact site – for dermatitis, this will manifest as a sweet itch from the insect bites

Treating and Preventing Equine Allergies

There are three key areas to assess when treating equine allergies, firstly apply a fly mask sheet to prevent insect bites and the risk of further disturbance to your horse.
You could also consider medicated shampoo to help get rid of any insects and treat bites and lastly the most important thing to do is invest in high-quality equine bedding.
Our Cheshire Choice Horse Bedding is made from 100% softwood shavings which offer comfortable bedding with excellent absorbency levels. This keeps your stables drier for longer and because of its long-lasting quality is a great long term money saver.

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