The Importance of Biomass Fuel Wood Pellets

The Importance of Biomass Fuel Wood Pellets

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For many years P.H Winterton and Son have been providing the finest quality of wood chip pellets which can be used as the sustainable energy source – biomass fuel.

We first started producing biomass energy because joineries were struggling to dispose of surplus wood, and because of this, we were able to market this as a product and alternate energy source.

Because of their low energy densities, biomass fuels have become one of our most popular products. We only use grade A wood residue from sawmill waste collections which can be burnt in a boiler for industrial heating and electricity. The wood pellets can also be used in specific stoves for the heating of homes.

Why Should I Use a Pellet Stove?

Here are six advantages of using a pellet stove –

1. Temperature Adjustment, Programming and Remote Control – Some models of pellet stove allow you to adjust the temperature with a remote control or a room thermostat. Other models can be programmed or operated daily or monthly via text message or a mobile app. The pellet stove will start to burn and go out without you having to do anything, depending on the programme you choose.

2. Up to 90% Efficiency – Pellet stoves can be up to 90% efficient, meaning only 10% of the energy generated by the wood pellets (biomass fuel) is lost in the chimney.

3. No Special Chimney Required – A pellet stove that is equipped with an active smoke extraction system, meaning there is no need for a special chimney because the combustion gases can be blown into an existing chimney. The smoke can also be extracted by using an ordinary thin tube that runs horizontally through an outer wall, even when it is kinked.

4. Autonomy from 12-36 Hours – The pellet reserve in your wood pellet stove has an autonomy of roughly 12 hours at full power. This means your stove must be filled manually once or twice a day.

5. Convenient and Cheap Fuel – P.H Winterton’s biomass fuel is extremely cost-effective compared with other fuels. The consumption of pellets depends on the size and insulation of the room to be heated, on the heating time plus the desired temperature.

6. Neutral Carbon Balance – Wood pellets from P.H Winterton are made from sawdust, a product of the wood processing industry. If the forests where the wood comes from are managed sustainably, the carbon balance of pellet combustion is zero because the amount of carbon emitted during combustion is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed by the tree during its growth.

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