Keeping Your Horse Happy without Riding

Keeping Your Horse Happy without Riding

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Due to the COVOD-19 pandemic, the British Equestrian Federation has advised against riding, meaning you will need to find ways to adapt your daily routine and maintain the health of their horses.

Here at P.H Winterton, we understand the importance of keeping your horse happy during these challenging times, which is why we have drawn up some activities you can take part in, without leaving the stable.

Six Ways to Keep Your Horses Happy During Lockdown

1. Lungeing – This is a great way to keep your horse exercised, just make sure you wear a hat, gloves and suitable footwear. Before starting lungeing we would recommend reading up on what your horses need to wear and how to lunge if you haven’t attempted this much previously.

2. Long-Reigning – Much the same as lungeing you will need to ensure you and your horse are dressed appropriately plus you can move onto exercises like leg-yielding when you both have had sufficient practice.

3. Grooming Sessions – Take some time out to give your horse a good grooming session getting to know every inch of their body. You may be surprised at the number of small lumps and old scars that have been missed during a daily flick over. Learn how warm each of his legs feels and how filled they are plus how they vary during different times of the day. You can pull his mane and tail if needed, trim his bridle path and heels if appropriate to his type and job.

4. Horse Agility – A basic agility course involves leading a horse through a corridor in the shape of an S without your horse stepping out or touching the poles. Another activity you could work on could be leading your horse through a curtain or a narrow gap or over a tarpaulin. Remember to always assess the risk of trying new exercises, in case your horse is sharp or easily spooked.

5. Assess Your Horse’s Conformation – Pull out your Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship and take a look at your horse and make a critical analysis of his conformation. Now it is time to consider how this impacts on his work and the way you train him.

6. Bandaging and Plaiting Technique – Now is the ideal time to perfect your bandaging and plaiting technique, ready for the time when you can get out riding again.

Quality Equine Bedding is Equally Important

While all these activities are great to keep your horse active, you will still need to maintain a comfortable living environment for them, including quality equine bedding.
In a time when they won’t be exercised as much, giving them a stable they can relax in is crucial.

P.H Winterton has three ranges of equine bedding that can suit your needs and budget, including our most recent addition – Zebra Fibre Bedding.

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