Make Biomass Fuel Your New Year’s Resolution

Make Biomass Fuel Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions, and we have got one that you can keep more years to come!
While many resolutions are broken within days of the New Year, choosing a renewable energy source like biomass fuel from P.H Winterton will have a positive environmental impact and mean you can keep this resolution for years to come.

Fuelling the Future

If you’ve never used biomass energy before, here’s some more information.

As a heating resource biomass fuel is extremely competitive with natural gas, with applications including:

• Heating Small Groups of Houses
• Large Individual Houses
• Schools
• Glasshouses (where heat isn’t readily available)

Biomass boilers do vary in their tolerance of wet fuel, with the majority running efficiently on chips with a moisture content higher than 30%.
Combustion takes place in the following stages, which can also occur simultaneously:

Warming and Drying – Warming and drying woodchips has several advantages including preservation, an increase in heating value weight reduction.
Pyrolysis – The thermal decomposition of materials at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere; which involves a change of chemical composition that’s irreversible.
Gasification – Converting organic or fossil fuel-based carbonaceous materials into hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Power derived from gasification of the resultant gas is one source of renewable energy which is obtained from biomass.
Combustion of Gases – Biomass fuels emit carbon dioxide when the carbon reacts with oxygen during combustion, which is because the biomass has absorbed the carbon from the CO2 in the atmosphere during its growth. The combustion of biomass is also considered to be CO2 neutral.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

P.H Winterton and Son are proud to be part of the Government’s Biomass Fuel Supplier List, which was introduced in April 2014 by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).
This allows participants of the Renewable Heating Incentive to easily demonstrate to Ofgem that the fuel they are using in biomass boilers meets the sustainability criteria to claim their RHI payments. If you would like to know more about our biomass fuel, please contact us today.