Prepare to Race at the Roodee with Horse Bedding in Staffordshire

Prepare to Race at the Roodee with Horse Bedding in Staffordshire

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Horse bedding in Staffordshire from P. H Winterton and Son is the best way to get your stables ready for the upcoming Boodles May Festival.
Our range of horse shavings are guaranteed to give your horses the best night’s rest and can help to maintain their health as you train for race day.

About the event

Based not far from Staffordshire at the Chester Racecourse, the Boodles May Festival is happening between 8th and 10th May. Built around celebrating the history of racing at Chester and its unique part of the city’s culture – it’s set to be a prestigious meeting not to be missed!
The festival begins with the breath-taking curtain raiser of the Lily Agnes Stakes with the Chester Vase and Cheshire Oaks serving up some fantastic on-track action separating the men from the boys.
The 188Bet Chester Cup, considered to be one of the leading staying handicaps of the year also takes place; making the Boodles May Festival a great event to test yourself against the best.
Lying on the banks of the River Dee the 65 acre Chester racecourse was once a Roman settlement of the city during the Dark Ages. In 1539 the first horse race took place and the rest they say is history, with it becoming one of the most popular courses in the country.
Chester Racecourse is referred to by jockeys and horse racing fans as the ‘Roodee’ which originates from the centre of the in-field’s raised mound which is decorated with a small cross known as a ‘rood’.

Equine Bedding – Twice the Variety!

Here at PH Winterton and Son, we offer two types of horse bedding that will suit your needs and your budget.
Cheshire Choice Equine Bedding is our premium variety made from 100% soft wood shavings with excellent absorbency levels plus it adjusts to the seasons, keeps your horses warm in winter and cooler in summer.
For a money-saving bedding solution, look no further than our Economy Bale Equine Bedding which is double dust extracted with a mix of hardwood and softwood that make cleaning out stables easier.

Order Your Horse Bedding in Staffordshire from PH Winterton and Son

P.H Winterton and Son are a family run business that has been leading the way for horse bedding in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas for 60 years and counting.
Our service doesn’t just end there, we also provide pet, poultry and cubicle bedding and sawmill waste collection. We’re also innovators for renewable energy sources producing our own biomass fuel, an organic material created in an environmentally friendly manner which can then be used for heat and power.
If you’d like to know more about any of our products, please contact us today. If you are attending this year’s Boodles May Festival, we hope that you have a fantastic time!