Riding your Horse While Observing Social Distancing

Riding your Horse While Observing Social Distancing

By on May 14, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

With some restrictions of the Coronavirus lockdown eased recently, the position regarding horse riding and training has been amended. As the UK’s leading provider of equine bedding, P.H Winterton understands how difficult this period has been for riders and their horses.

For our latest post, we are going to explain the new advice being issued and how it affects you.

The British Equestrian Federation Advice Explained

Following a meeting, the board of the British Equestrian Federation have stated that riders are encouraged to resume exercising their horses, whilst observing social distancing. Riders are also encouraged to maintain public hygiene plus health and biosecurity measures.

Every rider should continue to assess the level of risk associated with horse riding and work within their capabilities and fitness levels.

In England, the relaxation on travel for exercises and a return to work for many people means one-to-one training is allowed. Coaches are able to travel to yards and riders to their instructors. Facility hire is now permitted, provided the venue conducts thorough risk assessments beforehand.

This situation will continue to be monitored, based on advice from the UK government, as required to ensure the safety of riders and horses.

The BEF is currently looking at an umbrella plan which will act as guidance for the equestrian sector and all of its stakeholders. This includes working closely with British Dressage, British Eventing and British Showjumping on a coordinated plan.

A statement from the BEF said the following,

“Wider equestrian activity and some horse sports can adapt well to social distancing requirements and should be in a position to get underway quickly, once conditions permit and the government gives the go-ahead.”

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