The Best Cubicle Bedding for Cows

The Best Cubicle Bedding for Cows

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Giving your cows the best quality of cubicle bedding offers them a safe and comfortable place to rest.
Remember that cows may spend on average 14 hours a day lying down, so given the amount of time spent in their cubicle; their bedding needs to be in excellent condition. Lying down is important as it allows blood to circulate through the udder, which will increase milk production.
Our cubicle bedding will keep your cows healthy, able to produce more dairy without being interrupted by injury, illness or distress brought on by poor bedding conditions.

Why Use Our Cubicle Bedding?

P.H Winterton & Son offer two types of cubicle bedding, and we have listed below some of the benefits of using both types:
Soft dust cubicle bedding is:
• Made from 100% kiln dried softwood
• Reduces the risk of hair loss or abrasions on your cow’s legs
• Thermally insulated with excellent traction
• Soft dust can also be used as animal bedding for dog kennels, catteries, stables and poultry bedding
• Can be used as a cost effective cubicle bedding solution
Agri dust cubicle bedding is:
• A very consistent and high quality product
• Easily spreadable
• Makes cleaning cubicles much easier
• Readily available all year round
• Ideal for spreading with dispensers
• Helps to prevent mastitis infections in your cattle

Talk to the Cubicle Bedding Specialists

Going into our 60th year, P.H Winterton and Son have been providing the highest quality of cubicle bedding for dairy farming in areas such as Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire.
We offer delivery of orders of any size thanks to our large and reliable fleet of vehicles.
As a family run business, you’ll receive friendly and personable advice on all of our cubicle bedding, to ensure you get the best product for you and your cattle.
Contact us today to speak to one our team, we’d love to hear from you.