Time to switch to biomass fuel as winter approaches

Time to switch to biomass fuel as winter approaches

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We are now nearly three-quarters of the way through the year, meaning the weather will soon be changing and temperatures dropping. This makes our heating more important than ever, and one of the eco-friendly ways to heat your home is using biomass fuel boilers.

PH Winterton is one of the most experienced suppliers of biomass wood pellets for customers across the country.

We are proud to be part of the authorised Biomass Suppliers List, plus continuing to supply the best animal bedding. For this blog, we will explore biomass as a heating resource in greater detail.

Biomass fuel – Sustainable and renewable heating source

Our products are high quality, but that does not mean we need to fell forests in order to produce. PH Winterton acquires our wood pellets using our sawmill waste collection service to create this unique fuel source.

We work with sawmills nationwide to repurpose their high-quality wood shavings and chips into wood pellets, meaning you receive a top-quality product but without any harm to the environment.

The most compelling principle of biomass is that it is renewable plus its remarkable consistency and burn efficiency of pellet fuel produces a fraction of the particulate emissions of raw biomass.

Pellet burners feature the lowest particulate matter emissions of all solid fuels burners.

Biomass is virtually limitless and has proven to be price stable when compared to fossil fuels.

Pellet manufacturers such as PH Winterton take by-products such as wood waste and refine them into pencil-sized pellets that are uniform in size, shape, moisture density and energy content.

Because moisture levels are lower than in raw biomass, this means wood pellets can be handled easier in freezing situations. Also, the density of pellet fuel is substantially higher than raw biomass which means it can be transported and stored more widely. This can be in rail cars or delivered in truck containers.

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