Turning Waste into Biomass Fuel in Derbyshire

Turning Waste into Biomass Fuel in Derbyshire

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Biomass fuel in Derbyshire from P.H Winterton and Son is one of the most innovative ways to create a renewable energy source using waste.
Biomass can consist of agricultural and animal waste that is environmentally friendly due to the produced energy not releasing anywhere near the number of pollutants and Greenhouse gases that fossil fuels do.

High-Quality Biomass Fuel in Derbyshire

There are three main types of biomass energy, produced from the following components –
• Solid – Wood, sawdust and garbage
• Liquid – Ethanol and Methanol
• Gas – Biogas or swamp gas (mainly Methane gas)

The main source of biomass fuel from P.H Winterton is wood residue which is obtained through our sawmill waste collection service for joinery firms.
Our meticulous production process ensures all of our wood is of uniform size and free of harmful contaminants such as metal – which reduces carbon dioxide and gasses that can cause acid rain.
Acid rain is one of the consequences of air pollution which occurs when emissions from factories, cars or heating boilers come into contact with water in the atmosphere.

These emissions contain nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide which when mixed with water become sulphurous acid, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.
The resulting acids are extremely damaging to soils, lakes and seas with consequential damage to terrestrial and marine flora and fauna.
This can also cause the corrosion of metallic elements in buildings, bridges, towers and other structures plus the destruction of statues, sculptures and limestone buildings.

So as you can see using biomass fuel is extremely beneficial to the future of our environment.

Six Decades of Outstanding Customer Service

P.H Winterton and Son are celebrating 60 years of business this year and we believe the reason we continue to lead the way for animal bedding and biomass fuel in Derbyshire is our unmatched customer service.

Using our reliable fleet network we can provide biomass fuel to areas such as Staffordshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Berkshire.
If you would like more information about our services, please get in touch today.