What Type of Biomass Fuel Boiler Should I Install?

What Type of Biomass Fuel Boiler Should I Install?

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When installing a biomass fuel boiler, the tradesperson carrying out the task can advise you on the best boiler for your home and requirements. Each different renewable heating system has its own benefits so it can be tricky to have a definitive answer.

When it comes to your average biomass boiler you will want something similar to your existing system, with the changes being more practical and not necessarily noticeable. To achieve the desired outcome, there are a number of factors to take into consideration, which we have listed below.

3 Factors to Consider for Biomass Fuel Boilers

Size – Wood chip boilers often take up the most room, making them suitable for larger properties. However, pellet boilers can occupy less space because of their smaller size but are still able to heat a room just as effectively. If you are looking to install a renewable heating system, you will probably need an average-sized biomass boiler that won’t feel cramped in the space. They are slightly larger than their gas and oil counterparts but with further developments of wood pellet boilers, they are fast becoming a more popular heating option for modern homes.

Cost – The prices of biomass boilers varies, depending on whether you want a larger system or a more cost-effective domestic one. Automatic and semi-automatic fed boilers typically cost more than manually fed versions, such as a log boiler. The cost of running a biomass boiler centre around the fuel type used, as maintenance costs do not really differ. Buying bulk pellets (from a supplier such as P.H Winterton) is the most cost-effective and allows for quality heating which is far cheaper than the costs of a traditional boiler. It is also worth considering that you can recover a percentage of your up-front expenses through the Renewable Heating Incentive, which earns you money for using a renewable heating system.

Efficiency – Biomass heating systems have an efficiency of 80% or above, making them regularly more efficient than a standard gas boiler. Other factors to consider is the existing heat flow and insulation in your home plus the size of the space being heated. For the most efficient renewable heating system, P.H Winterton would recommend using wood pellets.

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