What are biomass fuel wood pellets and what are they used for?

What are biomass fuel wood pellets and what are they used for?

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If you’ve never used biomass fuel wood pellets before you may wonder what they can be used for?

Through our sawmill waste collection service, P.H Winterton and Son are able to transform this wood into pellets that can be used to fuel biomass boilers; a renewable energy source.

For this blog, we will cover the most commonly asked questions about wood pellets and give you the answers you need.

How are wood pellets made?

Biomass pellets are made from either wood residue (sawdust, shavings, and offcuts, which are all by-products of wood processing), or from freshly cut timber especially felled for the production of wood pellets.

Extremely high temperatures are used to dry the material and it is then compacted using a pelletizer. The naturally occurring organic binders in the wood are being utilised in the process, meaning that no artificial additives are needed.

The final product is a uniform pellet, usually 6mm in diameter for use in domestic situations. This size makes this biomass fuel easy to transport, handle, and store. Usually, the moisture content of wood pellets is less than 8%.

All wood that is used for producing biomass pellets is untreated and sustainably grown.

What are wood pellets used for?

Wood pellets are a sustainable alternative to charcoal, firewood, oil, and gas in heating, cooking, boiler, and power plants.

Another alternative for these wood pellets is animal bedding such as in horse stalls.

Biomass Fuel Wood Pellets from P.H Winterton

Wood pellets are a clean-burning and sustainable form of energy with the lowest ash residue of any wood fuel.

If you are considering investing in biomass, get in touch with P.H Winterton now to enquire about our wood pellets. Our team of experts would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have too.

Our animal bedding products can also be used for chicken coops and cow stables.