Why Buy Thoroughbred Shavings From P.H. Winterton and Son?

Why Buy Thoroughbred Shavings From P.H. Winterton and Son?

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Thoroughbred horses are just one of a wide array of horse breeds that you may own or find yourself looking after. Due to their agility, if you’re a racer, they’re likely to be your most regularly encountered breed. Whether you’re training, preparing for a race or you’ve only just invested in a horse, it’s important to get their stables in order. Here at P.H. Winterton and Sons, we’re huge supporters of horse racers and their upcoming events. Thanks to our renowned status in the equestrian market and sponsorships of the Royal Windsor and Olympia horse shows, we’re a trusted source to buy your thoroughbred shavings from.

Cheshire Choice Equine Bedding

Cheshire Choice Equine Bedding is our most premium, high quality choice, guaranteed to provide the ultimate comfort to your horse. As one of the only types of horse beddings in Staffordshire that’s made of 100% soft wood shavings, we can provide you with the highest quality without having to travel too far. In a lot of bedding guides, it’s suggested that absorbency is a vital feature to keeping your horse comfortable and clean. With the absorption capabilities of Cheshire Choice, these shavings will give your horse a comfortable night’s sleep and have it raring to go for its next race. It’s ability to adjust temperature will also keep your horse warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

We are confident in saying that buying Cheshire Choice Equine Bedding is the best decision with regards to the comfort, happiness and health of your animals. We also keep it free from chemicals and dust to prevent any respiratory problems developing in you and your horse.

Economy-Bale Equine Bedding

If you’re after another option that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with Economy-Bale Equine Bedding. This bedding is also safe for the airwaves of you and your horses thanks to being double dust extracted. This also ensures that it’s hygienic from the start. This option of bedding is made from a combination of soft and hardwood shavings. Therefore, it’s still easy to clean out and can be used alongside rubber mats.

New! Zebra Fibre Animal Bedding

We are extremely proud to have added Zebra Fibre Animal Bedding to our range of equine bedding. Thanks to its high level of absorbency, this bedding would be a fantastic option when buying your thoroughbred shavings. It’s absorbency levels will dramatically reduce the risk of abrasions.The other large benefit to Zebra Fibre Animal Bedding is its minimal wastage upon being cleaned out. Your horse’s airways are also safe with this option as it is subject to a dust extraction.

How To Place An Order?

If you would like to know more about any of our products or place an order, please contact us today. With over 60 years of experience in providing animal bedding, our friendly and expert team are well equipped to assist you and answer any queries. With all of our bedding types being stocked in all-weather storage bags, you can also rest assured that they’ll stay dry and protected. Here at P.H. Winterton and Son, if you and your animal are happy, we’re happy!