Why Choose Biomass Fuel in Staffordshire?

Why Choose Biomass Fuel in Staffordshire?

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Biomass fuel in Staffordshire promises to be very important in 2022. Back in 2016, the UK government announced the new green deal in a plan to drastically reduce the UK’s carbon footprint towards a more general push to be environmentally aware. 

Accompanying this is the four year plan announced by Staffordshire county council in late 2021. The plan details a number of measures we can take to reduce carbon emissions and tackle the ever increasing threat of climate change. A key goal of the aforementioned plan is to have a net 0 carbon emissions by 2025. 

Part of the plan includes transferring all council owned cars to electric models and increasing the awareness of tree planting. This plan underpins the general push to be more environmentally friendly in the county. 

At PH Winterton, we would like to highlight a very effective way of reducing our carbon footprint in Staffordshire, this being the use of biomass fuel. We are proud to be on the approved biomass fuel supplier’s list from the UK government. 

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few key features of why biomass fuel is important and how it can help reduce carbon emissions. 

Biomass Fuel vs Fossil Fuels 

It might go without saying but biomass fuels are a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. 

It is reported that biomass fuel produces 93% more reusable energy compared to fossil fuel. Furthermore, on a slightly separate note but no less relevant, biodiesel reduces GHGs by 41% compared to typical diesel. 

We believe these facts are sufficient to showcase that bioenergy is a fantastic alternative to traditional fuel types. 

P16 & P35

Here at PH Winterton we offer two main types of biomass fuel; that being p16 and p45.

Biomass fuel p16 which is smaller size wood chippings and p35 which is grade of wood with no contaminants present. 

Accompanying this is the quality supply of biomass fuel p16 in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and other local areas. So why don’t you get in contact with the largest supplier of biomass fuel p35 in Staffordshire. 


One of the key questions asked is whether biomass fuel is reliable? Accompanying these are the standard questions of sustainability and quality. 

Luckily, our biomass fuel is of extremely high quality in all three regards. We produce over 25 million tonnes of biomass per week with CRJ services. In addition, the product is derived from A grade wood residue from local joinery and manufacturing businesses. 

The incredible reliability of our product is one of the many reasons we were honoured to be listed on UK’s approved suppliers of biomass fuel. 

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So if you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint in Staffordshire or in surrounding areas, be sure to contact us.