Why Choose Sawdust For Animal Bedding?

Why Choose Sawdust For Animal Bedding?

By on Aug 16, 2022 in Blog |

At P.H. Winterton, we supply high quality animal bedding to Staffordshire and surrounding areas. As such, we have learnt a great deal about what constitutes good animal bedding and what does not. Just like you, we only want the best sleeping and leisure arrangements for you and your animal. This is why we pride ourselves on supplying only the best forms of animals bedding for you and your animals. 

Without a doubt, one of the best choices for animal bedding is sawdust. There are many reasons to choose sawdust as it benefits you and your animals significantly. Well we have touched on some of the advantages of sawdust before, we thought a friendly reminder was in order. 


No matter your animal, you will want their bedding to be comfortable. Comfortable bedding does not just improve the chances of a good night sleep for your animal but it also improves their overall quality of life. 

Sawdust is a soft and durable material making it one of the comfiest forms of animal bedding there is. If your horse is getting into their equine bedding or similarly, if your cow is looking for a relaxing night sleep in their cubicle bedding, they will not want to lie down on the material if it is uncomfortable. This is one such reason why sawdust is so prevalent in our beds. 

Less Material For Landfills

Usually with sawdust, there is less disposable waste. This means there is less material to fill up landfills which subsequently makes sawdust the more environmentally stable option, especially compared to other commonly used industry material. 

In addition to this, sawdust will break down quicker when it is recycled. This again showcases the incredible environmentally friendly properties of the sawdust, meaning if you want to be environmentally aware, you should definitely invest in sawdust. 

Incredibly Absorbent

Much of the time, animal bedding can be very much exposed to the elements. This means that you will want to ensure the bedding does not get too wet and uncomfortable for your beloved animal. 

Because sawdust has a much smaller particle size compared to other materials used for bedding, it makes the substance much more absorbent. The ability to be more absorbent means the bedding will absorb more water making the bedding significantly less wetter and making the bed comfier for your animal. 

Quick and Easy To Clean 

Animal bedding requires relatively frequent cleaning. Afterall, your bedding will need to be clean for your animals otherwise, the bedding can act as a breeding ground for all manner of potential germs and bacteria. 

Luckily, sawdust is quite quick and easy to clean. Meaning you save your value time cleaning, learning and applying to the cleaning method is relatively simple and overall your bedding stays cleaner in general. 

Sawdust is Recommended By Experts

When it comes to your animal bedding material choices, you have many options available. Being inundated with so many options to choose from, you will want your eventual bedding to come highly recommended. 

Subsequently, sawdust comes highly recommended by many industry experts. Industry experts cite unrivalled comfort for your animals as well as having unique hygiene purposes as being some of the many reasons to choose sawdust for animal bedding. 

Many Different Buying Options

If you require sawdust as part of your animal bedding solution, there are luckily many different options available. At P.H.Winterton, your well regarded supplier animal bedding in Staffordshire, we provide many different buying options for your sawdust needs. Whether you are looking to bulk buy or are looking for an Agri-Dust product, which is becoming increasingly popular with dairy farmers, we will have a sawdust option for you. So why not contact us today?