Why Cubicle Bedding is Important in 2022

Why Cubicle Bedding is Important in 2022

By on Jan 19, 2022 in Blog, Cubicle bedding |

Part of your new year’s resolution might have been to get a better night sleep. You might have done this by gracefully managing  your sleeping arrangements. Should this be any different for your animals? We have recently touched on the importance of providing high quality equine bedding for your horses. So, why don’t we look at the importance of your quality cubicle bedding. 

Statista have advised that the amount of milk consumed by the British people has only increased year by year. Research conduct suggests that over 15 billion litres of milk were produced in 2021 alone to help satisfy the ever increasing demand. This perfectly illustrates the need to pay particular attention to your cattle’s wellbeing this coming year as we can only expect milk production to increase. 

Being an established company providing high quality cubicle bedding in Staffordshire, we have collected quite the plethora of information. We pride ourselves on ensuring your animal bedding is up to the best possible standard. 

Comfortable Bedding

A commonly cited fact is that cows spend over 14 hours a day lying down. If your cows could tell you anything, we are pretty sure they would tell you they would love comfortable bedding. 

A run of cubicle bedding is designed to maximise comfort. This is evident by the fact that cubicle beds allow for ample sleeping space and the handy ability to lunge forward as they rise for feeding purposes. 

Alongside the fact that by providing them with one of our industry leading cubicle beds to maximise their comfort. This can also lead to increased milking production as lying down more comfortably helps blood circulation. 

Preventing Diseases

Cattle are susceptible to a vast selection of diseases. These diseases include, but are not limited to: Babesiosis, Clostridiosis and Mastitis. 

Research has found that one of the most effective ways to to prevent these diseases is by providing your cows with clean top quality bedding. 

Agri-Dust & Agri-Soft Dust

When improving your cow’s bedding arrangements you might want to consider what they are lying on. We have already advised that using inadequate soft dust can cause abrasions in your cow’s udder which will drastically affect your cow’s health. 

Luckily, we have two fantastic offerings which are Agri and Agri-soft dust. Using one of our sawdust’s can drastically reduce the chances of respiratory hazards such as organic dust toxicity syndrome. So whichever of our sawdust suits you, it is very important that you use this to improve your cubicle bedding in 2022. 

Other Services 

If you happen to have other livestock that require bedding, be sure to check to out our other services. We offer a fantastic range of options for equine bedding and horse shavings in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. 

Additionally, If you are in need of disposing your abundance of sawdust, be sure to check out our sawmill waste collection in Staffordshire