Do You Need Horse Bedding in Derbyshire?

Do You Need Horse Bedding in Derbyshire?

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We have very recently covered why it is important to provide your cows with comfy and sufficient bedding. So, we thought why not do the same for your horses. Let’s look at some of main advantages of high quality horse bedding in Derbyshire. 

You would make sure that your bedding is clean and comfy wouldn’t you? So why should this be any different for horses? 

Horses don’t naturally need soft and comfy bedding, however, at PH Winterton being a provider of high quality horse shavings in Staffordshire we argue that ensuring you have adequate equine bedding is of the utmost importance. So we would like to highlight a few reasons why you should pay particular attention to your horse’s sleeping arrangements. 

Genuine Comfort

We start off with arguably the most obvious reason to provide your horses with high quality bedding, for their comfort. Shavings in particular act as a barrier protecting your horse from the cold hard floor when they are lying down.  

Accompanying this is the fact that your horse is a lot more likely to lie down when they have comfortable and clean bedding available. Encouragement is key in this regard. If your horse has been on their hooves all day they still might lie down to get their recommended shut ye and get their recommended shut eye. This rings especially true if the bedding looks dirty or uncomfortable. 

As any dedicated horse owner will tell you, you do not want a tired and unhappy horse. 

Support Whilst Standing

Did you also know that horse bedding can support your horse even whilst standing. The support and stable footing they offer to your horse drastically reduces the chances of injuries such as capped hocks or elbows. 

They also allow your horse ample room to stand up in their stables with slipping over which could result in a twist ankle or horrible injury. 

Absorbing Moisture 

One of the primary reasons to install horse shavings for your horse’s bedding. Your horse’s stall can very quickly become a rather damp and wet place. This is especially true during the winter months when the UK can see an over abundance of rain and storms.

Luckily, horse shavings can absorb a lot of moisture ensuring a nice dry surface for your horse. 

Ease of Transport and Availability 

Finally, we have a seemingly obvious fact that shavings are easily accessible, rather cheap compared to other bedding material and are largely very easy to move. This is particularly handy if your stalls are required to move to cater for all of your equestrian needs. 

In Need of Equine Bedding?

If you have any other questions about our high quality horse shavings that can be used for bedding in Staffordshire and Derbyshire, do not hesitate to contact us