Why shavings are the best kind of horse bedding

Why shavings are the best kind of horse bedding

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If you have never invested in horse bedding such as shavings before, you may not know about the different types available on the market.

PH Winterton is a specialist in equine bedding, with three different types of bedding to suit any requirement or budget.

Understanding Horse Bedding

Wood Shavings – Wood shavings have been a popular horse bedding for decades now. They are often used for horses that suffer from respiratory disease or those that eat other types of bedding.
Sawmill waste shavings, such as those provided by PH Winterton, are the most popular as they are high quality and have a low dust content.

Wood shavings also provide excellent support for the horse’s hooves as they compact inside them. They are typically packed in polythene wrapped bales which makes them easy to stack and store – meaning you will be able to buy in bulk if that’s your preference.

Flax and hemp – Flax and hemp bedding materials are often more expensive which limits their appeal. Also, there have been instances of horses eating the bedding. The same as wood shavings they are packaged in heavy-duty plastic bags for easy storage.

Paper – Paper is usually shredded and consists of a mix of newspaper, magazines and other unwanted printed matter, with differing absorbency. The long paper stripes tend to be harder to muck out as they can stick together and become difficult to separate from the droppings. While cheap, paper, when wet, can become very soggy and less user-friendly.

Rubber matting – Rubber matting is often considered a partial alternative to bedding in stables.

Some people will combine horse bedding with rubber matting. Rubber matting on its own can lead to wet floors, dirty rugs and horses. The majority of horses don’t like to urinate on hard surfaces, so adding bedding such as shavings help prevent this issue.

Hygiene standards need to be observed when using rubber matting, as they will need to be uplifted and thoroughly cleaned underneath to prevent a build-up of ammonia and dirty bedding material.

Get horse shavings in bulk from PH Winterton

If you have any questions about PH Winterton’s range of horse bedding, please do not hesitate to contact us now. We offer three different types of equine bedding, our premium brand Cheshire Choice, Economy Bale for those on a budget plus our newest product – Zebra Fibre Bedding.