Why Should I Use Biomass Energy?

Why Should I Use Biomass Energy?

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Biomass is one of the most renewable energy sources which refers to biological material derived from living organisms such as wood and waste.

P.H Winterton and Son have been producing biomass fuel using wood pellets that we have produced from collecting waste from sawmills, for a number of years.

We are proud to be one of the UK Government’s approved Biomass Supplier List, reaffirming our commitment to producing the best products for our customers.

4 Advantages of Biomass Fuel

Here are four main advantages of using biomass energy –

1. Renewable Energy Source – The main benefit of using biomass fuel is that it is a renewable source of energy. This means it cannot be depleted like fossil fuels. Biomass is mostly derived from plants, with plants needed to support life on planets.

2.Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Biomass helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which in turn has an impact on global warming and climate change.

3. Cleaner Environment – Biomass can also help clean our environment and with the world population only increasing, there is a problem with increased waste which needs to be correctly disposed of. A lot of garbage ends up in rivers, water streams, oceans which harms nearby ecosystems which has a negative impact on human health.

4. Biomass is Widely Available Energy Source – One of the main benefits of biomass energy is that it is a widely available source of energy. We all know fossil fuels are not going to last forever, whereas using biomass is more economic and environmental energy source.

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