Winter Care Essentials for Horses

Winter Care Essentials for Horses

By on Dec 11, 2020 in Blog, Equine Bedding |

As the winter chill starts to bite, it is now more important than ever to ensure your stable of horses is staying healthy.

P.H Winterton and Son are the leading suppliers of equine bedding across the country, and with our years of experience, we know a thing or two about caring for horses.

For this post, we have put together some essential tips to help you through the next few months.

High-Quality Equine Bedding and other Care Tips

Feeding – In terms of feeding, forage should form the basis of every horse’s diet. Forage is especially important during winter when the grass is not readily available or turnout time may be restricted. This also helps keep the horse warm acting as an in-built heating system which creates heat as it breaks down in the digestive system.

Feeding in the Field – Additional forage may be needed to feed horses living out, depending on the amount of grass available. When adding extra forage in the field, ensure there are more piles of hay than there are horses to stop any conflicts.

Keeping Hydrated – During winter it cannot be underestimated, the importance of your horse having plenty of fresh and clean drinking water. A 16hh horse requires at least 6 gallons of water every day, and some horses can need up to twice this amount.

Water is crucial for hydration and digestion. It is also important to check the water troughs twice a day and to break and remove any ice. You may also want to fill containers with water as an emergency supply. For stabled horses, adding some warm water into their buckets prevents the water from freezing overnight which could encourage a horse to drink if they do not like the colder water.

Bedding – One of the most crucial parts of keeping your horses happy is giving them the best bedding to rest on. P.H Winterton and Son provide three different types of equine bedding to suit every budget, including our newest product – Zebra Fibre bedding.

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