Prepare for Winter & Save Money with Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire

Prepare for Winter & Save Money with Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire

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For any industrial, agricultural, or domestic properties during the cooler months, creating a substantial amount of electricity and heat in an affordable way can be expensive… Here at P.H. Winterton, we have developed one of the best methods of generating energy using renewable wood shavings from the joinery industry – this process is called biomass fuel!

Since the days we have been supplying biomass fuel in Cheshire, we have watched how this environmentally friendly method changes the life of our customers, along with maintaining the health of mother nature.

There are so many benefits you can gain from biomass fuel, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of money you can save too!

Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire – Providing You with The Best Technology

If you’re considering biomass fuel in Cheshire, you may be wondering how the process work and why this process is better to the traditional ways. Firstly, lets take into consideration what the product is and how it is works…

For all biomass fuel services that we provide, we use natural wood shavings which is burnt in boilers to generate energy. This energy is renewable and comes in the form of heat or electricity for your property! Simply by choosing this method, you’ll put up to 80% less carbon dioxide into the environment which meets the Environment Agency Regulations!

Another fantastic benefit that we love about our biomass fuel in Cheshire, is that not only does the environment feel the benefits, you get more energy than the old electric and heating technologies, along with spending less money in the process – a perfect option if you have a large industrial building to power!

Contact Us to Arrange A Discussion About Our Biomass Fuel in Cheshire

Before we can supply you with biomass fuel in Cheshire, its important that we have a chat about your requirements and understand your budget. We can go into more depth about the money you can save over the years, and we guarantee you will be amazed by how little your bills will be!

To get the process started and to speak to our experts, contact us today with any enquires. We can even supply our biomass fuel to other areas such as Staffordshire!