Your Cows During Periods of Rain

Your Cows During Periods of Rain

By on Aug 25, 2022 in Blog |

The UK has already seen periods of incredible heat this summer. In fact, the UK has seen record high temperatures as well as certain parts of the country experiencing droughts. With all of this dryness and heat, it seems only inevitable that there will soon be sudden and drastic downpour. 

When this inevitable moment occurs, we want you to feel prepared and ready. Afterall, the safety of your animals should remain of paramount importance at all times. As a well regarded supplier of cubicle bedding from Staffordshire, we have seen our fair share of rain over the years and therefore; we have garnered quite substantial knowledge regarding helping your cows during prolonged periods of rain. 

Because of this, we have decided to detail some of the best ways to help your cows when heavy rain hits.

Cows Might Not Always Require Help

Potentially one of the biggest misconceptions about cows in the rain is that they require constant attention and help. It might surprise you to learn that cows actually thrive in colder temperatures and the prospect of rain does not scare them. 

In fact, when it is raining, often cows need very little to no monitoring. However, sometimes rain can bring other potential problematic occurrences such as strong gusts of wind and, obviously, muddy fields. 

While muddy conditions might seem like a mild annoyance, with muddy conditions also comes the potential harmful bacteria to breed. This means that the ever changing conditions should be monitored to ensure that the conditions do not become overwhelming for your cows. 

Ensure They Have Clean and Dry Bedding When Needed

If the weather conditions do become a bit too much for your cows you should ensure that they have clean and dry cubicle bedding waiting for them. As such, you should ensure you are cleaning their bedding more thoroughly and frequently. 

Additionally, you should opt for bedding material which is more absorbent and suited to rain. Bedding such as shavings are fantastic examples of this. Because of their smaller particular size, they are incredibly more absorbent meaning there is less of a need to dry them out. 

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